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We provide expert design consulting and prototyping, and can often help you improve your product for more efficient production and greater customer satisfaction.​

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For high volume production, our close relationship with Vietnamese production sources offers you accurate and responsive communication, fast turnaround, and high quality product.

If it can be sewn, we can probably sew it! We have sewn many types of fabrics, canvas, leather, neoprene and even certain plastics into a wide variety of Made-in-USA products.

A Stitch in Time Saved Swine

Dallas Morning News (TX) — Miracles happen. Pigs can fly. But it took Nga Keith to make it sew. This cork-screwed tale began last summer, when Pink Floyd mega-fan Mike Luba came into possession of a rock icon: the 40-foot inflatable pig that toured with the band, circa 1988. Click the image for more of the story: 

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